STENODAC is glad to announce the formal launch of the PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE FOR BEGINNERS COURSE, as of 7th May 2007. A Conversational French Course has also been introduced. With a flourishing Tourism Industry, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators seek personnel who have skills in additional languages.

French is a very popular language especially in Goa, and many would like to learn how to speak the Language. STENODAC’s Conversational Portuguese classes are conducted by Specialist foreign-returned friendly Tutors. Also, Audio aids are used, to make the learning process very easy. Emphasis is given on accent and the subtle tones, that are specific to the French language.

THIS COURSE IS OPEN TO ALL! No prior knowledge is required. The medium of instruction will be in English.


Learning Languages at STENODAC

When choosing your language Course, your needs are special, both to you and us. We understand the importance of providing you with personal attention and individual help which is so necessary for making progress when learning any new language.

STENODAC teachers identify your individual learning needs and help you to make rapid progress. They are knowledgeable and friendly and provide you with lively and rewarding classes.


This course is suitable for those who need to learn to communicate effectively and achieve fluency in everyday Portuguese. It is a BASIC Course designed to build confidence and fluency for social and work situations. Whether you need Portuguese for everyday communication, we have a suitable Course where you can join others with similar needs and motivation as yourself.



The focus is on practical communication skills, with emphasis on speaking, including pronunciation and listening.

New language vocabulary and grammar are introduced and practiced in interesting and stimulating ways.



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