Just give a thought for a while and think what the business world was, a few years ago, without the ‘TYPEWRITER’. Today the keyboard has been accepted as something which has been with us always, for it has become so much a part of our lives, of our economy, and our means of communication.

Though the Manual Typewriter has become obsolete, some Office’s insist on MANUAL Typing Skills, and therefore STENODAC will continue to offer the traditional Typewriting Course.

STENODAC’s training will make you an efficient and accurate TYPIST. We train you from the ground up – or from where you are now – according to your individual need.


This Course is for those who are familiar with the Devanagiri script and would like to equip themselves with typing skills on a DEVANAGIRI TYPEWRITER.

In easy to follow exercises you will attain a proficiency in typing business letters and correspondence, at a good speed.




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