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Prepare yourself for a well-playing Secretarial Career!

Another common name for a Secretary is – Personal Assistant (PA).

Today there is no such thing as being “just a secretary”. A secretary is a lot more important than that. He or she is the key to the organization’s smooth workflow. Secretaries are thus very valuable assets to the executives with whom they work and to the organization as a whole. They are among the highest-paid personnel and hold enviable positions. Good secretaries are indeed a treasure and will always be much in demand.

Keeping this in mind, STENODAC’S Professional Secretarial Course will train you to be the best all-rounder you can be, and help you launch out to take your first stepping stones to an interesting and well-paying career.

Who will benefit from this Course?

STENODAC intensive Secretarial course has been designed for anyone seeking suitable employment in the Secretarial field. It will also help to prepare those who desire to take up other fulfilling jobs in the office or corporate business environment. Therefore, whether you have completed your school or higher-secondary or whether you are a graduate; or you are an experienced worker who wants a change of career or an adult returning to work, if you are considering an office job, this course will prepare you for it.

To succeed in this challenging and rewarding profession, one should not only acquire skills but also develop the all-important qualities such as a pleasant personality, good communication skills, and professionalism. All these are emphasized in this Course, which will help the career-minded to rise above the rest and become truly successful Secretaries.

Employment opportunities!

The valuable skills you gain in this comprehensive course will help you seek employment in various positions besides that of a Secretary. Depending upon your personality and ability, you will also be able to climb higher and take up a job as an Executive Secretary.

You could also start off as a Junior Secretary, Receptionist, Telephone Operator, Stenographer or Office Assistant and use these jobs as stepping stones to advance in your career. Secretarial work offers a good career structure in itself and the ambitious and hardworking determined to reach the top often work their way up the corporate ladder to positions of Executive Secretaries to top management and in time even assume managerial positions.

Employment opportunities are available in government, public, and private sectors in large numbers every year. In the last three decades, THOUSANDS have completed our popular Secretarial Course and are gainfully employed in good positions – here and abroad. You too can qualify for a successful career with STENODAC’S Secretarial Training.

Course Contents

Our Course equips you with all the necessary Secretarial skills plus up-to-date Computer Training which makes you immediately effective in any office environment. The course is designed to offer you an all-round practical training in Manual or Computer Speed Typing, Pitman Shorthand, Basic Accounts, Secretarial Duties, Telephone Skills, Reception Techniques, EPABX Operation, Fax Operation, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Office Etiquette, Personal Grooming, Success at Interviews, practical Multimedia = Internet, Email, Video Conferencing, Online Business Communication, Internet Browsing, DVD/CD Writing, Flash Drives, and more…

The highly recommended low-fee additional module on Computer training includes Understanding Computers, Windows, MS-Office training, and Complete office-related Computer Management.

Syllabus changes from time to time so that we are constantly in touch with the times. As you are aware from our three key Office related Courses : (1) PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY’S COURSE (2) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and (3) OFFICE MANAGEMENT, the convergence of modern technology has been rapidly introduced. Newer 21st Century technology & techniques that are being introduced worldwide are immediately incorporated into our Courses.

A salient feature of these Courses is that candidates almost instantaneous get placement, on completion of the Course. The broad-based training qualifies our students for Specialist jobs in the Business, Corporate, Economic & Commercial World.

You can either under-go this Course after completing your studies, or you may do it parallel (part-time), while you are presently studying!