Equip yourself with specialized SKILLS – HIGH-SPEED WRITING and TYPEWRITING!

STENOGRAPHY is a combination of two Courses – SHORTHAND COURSE and TYPEWRITING! In fact, the two go hand-in-hand because after the Shorthand writer takes down the dictation, the matter is then transcribed directly onto a word-processor, computer, or an electronic Typewriter.

Knowledge of these two skills is probably the most indispensable skill for a Secretary, Personal Assistant, or Stenographer. People with good Stenography skills are in demand and are sought after by many professional organizations, both large and small. A shorthand qualification is also essential for entering into or getting promotions in many governments and private sector jobs.

Shorthand is an interesting and enjoyable skill to learn. It is a writing technique that involves using signs instead of words so that a competent writer can take down more than 100 words per minute (wpm) or more, from a spoken dictation or a speech. Very skilled Shorthand writers exceed speeds above 150+ wpm. The shorthand notes are then transcribed onto a typewriter or computer.

A good Typist normally attains speeds of around 40 wpm, but speeds on a computer keyboard can easily exceed 60+ words a minute.

STENOGRAPHY Course contents:

This Course is for absolute beginners. Our training covers the complete syllabus of Shorthand theory and practicals including short forms and phrases. Once this has been mastered, students are given speed-building exercises. The aim is to reach speeds between 80-120 words per minute, but this is dependent on the student. Daily practice is essential to be able to attain the desired speed.

The STENODAC‘S teaching staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and sincerely ready to help you – during your training and even after. The chief instructors are specialists and experienced in this field, so you get the best training in the easiest way. They are dedicated to ensuring that YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL in your Training!

You can be assured of our personalized attention from our committed staff members, who are skilled in the knowledge of these subjects.


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