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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our website. We are happy to give you brief information about the various training Courses offered by our Institute.

STENODAC, founded in 1971, has two Centres in Goa, at PANJIM and MARGAO. STENODAC is the premier commercial training Institute in this area and our Diplomas and Certificates are recognised widely. Thousands have completed our Courses and are gainfully employed here and abroad – commanding salaries well above average.

In today’s world, the most sensible advice one can offer any young person is ‘Invest in Yourself’. If you think about it, this is the only real safe investment. Nations have been razed over-night. Money can be devalued. Even banks have been known to fail. But the specialist knowledge you put into your head and the qualifications you acquire are yours – always. Nobody can ever take them from you. Whatever may happen in the years ahead, the trained man or woman – the qualified person – has earning power.

Any wise parent or guardian will be in no doubt that a qualification which provides the person with an ability to function in a job environment, and with an ability to build a career and earn a good living is such a rewarding investment, that it is worth almost anything to see that their wards get it.

You will agree with us that in this highly competitive field of employment, jobs are scarce, and only efficient and well trained young people stand a fair chance in obtaining a decently paid job. With this in mind, we have designed our various Courses to provide you with sound training in every aspect of your chosen profession.

Office work or being an entrepreneur comprises a tremendous variety of activities which appeal to different types of people, so there is virtually something for everybody, as well as excellent career opportunities. Whether you want to do – you will find our Courses most helpful.

I leave you now to choose the Courses offered and reach a decision, which may quite literally change the course of your life for the better.



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