You Can Change Your Life – For the Better with – THE SUCCESS PROGRAM

What is the big difference between winners and losers?

You have seen it happen. One person is highly successful in life. Another equally talented person lives in defeat and misery. Then there is the paradox of the individual who seems to have it all – looks, talent and sometimes money also – but he or she is discontented and unhappy. While another, with far less, bubbles with the joy of life!

What makes a big difference? It is not parents, education, or physical and mental abilities. It is mental programming. The successful person has learned to push the right buttons on his or her personal computer – the mind. After all, it is your way of thinking that determines what you are, and what you can be.

You too can program yourself for success with our training program. It is a complete Personality Development Course consisting of lectures and exercises to build your self-esteem and personality, master your emotional problems, learn to deal with stress, discover the power of values in life, instill a positive mental attitude – with practical exercises to reprogram your thinking, and much more.


*Setting & Achieving Goals in Lie

* Developing Self-Confidence

* Overcoming Shyness, nervousness

* Improving Your Self-Image


* Healthy Mental Attitude

* The Art of Conversation

* Positive Thinking

* Poise & Deportment

* Being a Professional

* Public Speaking

* Personal Relations

* Time Management

*Social Behavior

Quite often Personality Development courses are offered at exorbitant fees, by fly-by-night operators who want to make it rich, thriving on the weaknesses and gullibility of innocent people. Sometimes, courses are presented by persons who incorporate mystical elements or integrate popular Californian pop-psychology in their teaching potions. Very often these gimmicky methods appear appealing to un-discerning persons, and they easily fall prey to these money-making schemes.
Just think, in the course of the last few years, how many Personality Development courses have been started? How many of these courses have been consistent and popular with the passing of time? Ask yourself, how many of them have wound up and stopped operating in a short period of time?

However, at STENODAC, the facts are quite different. Since 1971 STENODAC has an enviable reputation for pioneering practical oriented Courses which have benefited thousands of Goans. Our popular Self-Image and Personality Development Course is the RIGHT foundation that you need to build your life for a successful future. We start right from the beginning – exactly from where you are – and work up to build you up on a solid and strong foundation. We cement into your proven techniques and time-tested skills that will hold your personality in good stead – for a lifetime.

As you put our techniques and skills into practical use in your day to day life, you will find that you have built for yourself a positive SELF-IMAGE and an attractive PERSONALITY with a conversational language course. whatever situation or circumstances you come across in life – your grounding and structure will hold good – for YOU HAVE BEEN BUILT RIGHT.

At STENODAC, we do not mass-produce “personality-packed persons”, like in a factory line-up. Our Course is not conducted for a large group or an audience, but rather for small batches of not more than 10 persons. This gives our Trainer the ability to be personally involved with each person and cater to each one’s individual needs and personal areas of development. I am sure you will agree with us that personal and individual attention is such an essential requisite for any successful training. We assure you that you will get the best personal attention from our friendly trainers – which can be testified by all the students who have completed their training with us.


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