This course is designed to produce trained Staff who are OF GREAT VALUE TO BUSY EXECUTIVES AND ADMINISTRATORS, and to the companies and organization of which they are part.

The duties of an Office staff or a Secretary extends far beyond the skills of a Typist and/or Stenographer. His or her duties, of course, varies with the type of post held. Whatever level one may serve in, the person has to be fully conversant with Modern Office Duties.

Knowledgeable and efficient people are very valuable to the executives with whom they work, and to the enterprise as a whole; they are therefore in demand and can command good salaries and other benefits. Since the range of duties, you might be called upon to perform can be wide, and can vary considerably from post to post – this Program provides essential training and knowledge about very many of them.

STENODAC will give you the training to perform these duties efficiently to enable you to use your initiative in the management of the Office.

Course Content :

Summary of Major Topics Covered In This Program

* Personal and Business Qualities

* Interaction with Superiors

* Office Management

* Work Environment, Organisations, Functions of Offices, Office Types.

* The Office Environment: Layouts, Furniture and Furnishings, Equipment and Machinery, their functions.

* Information, Records, Filing; Sources, Collation, Filing schemes, Computerised Records.

* Communications, Business Letters – Layout and Production, Memos, Faxes, Forms and Documents.

* Telecommunications, Reports, Memoranda, Word Processing.

* Incoming and Outgoing Mail, Sorting, Opening, Distributing Mail.

* Checking Typed and Word Processed work. Dispatching.

* Meetings: Arrangements, Agendas, Minutes; Reception Duties; Travel and Conference Arrangements, The Appointments Diary.

* Effective Communications.

* Principles of Bookkeeping, Sales Documents, Petty Cash, Banking, Checking Bills, Receiving Payments & Issuing cheques.

* Reception Work, Visitors, Appointments, Travel Arrangements.

* Advertising for and Recruiting, Inducting, Training, Supervising and controlling junior office personnel.

* Functions of Management, Staff Relations, Counseling, Remuneration, Promotions.

* General Office Skills, and much more

The Course is practical-based and students will do actual practical assignments in these areas of work. After all, at Stenodac we are preparing you to function in the work-environment therefore theory is kept to the minimum and weightage is given to practicality and performance.

As usual, our trainers are highly versatile in the training of these skills, and the practical assignments given are highly involving, which makes the study a very absorbing and interesting experience.

Students who do well will be given work-while-you-learn opportunities, at the Institute, and be able to get valuable practical experience in an actual busy working environment.

Syllabus changes from time to time so that we are constantly in touch with the times. As you are aware from our three key Office related Courses : (1) PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY’S COURSE (2) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and (3) STENOGRAPHY COURSE, the convergence of modern technology has been rapidly introduced.
Newer 21st Century techniques & technology that is introduced world-wide are immediately incorporated into our Courses.

A salient feature of our Courses is that candidates almost instantaneous get placement, on completion of the Course. The broad-based training qualifies Students for a wide range of jobs in the Business, Corporate, Economic & Commercial World.

You can do the OFFICE or SECRETARIAL DUTIES COURSE separately, or if you are part of any of the above key Courses, this subject is incorporated as part of the syllabus.

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