Prepare yourself as an ALL-ROUNDER for successful job-openings! Multi-tasking is the buzz word today!

You may have completed your high-school or higher-secondary or College and now wish to take employment. The first big question you must ask yourself is – are you ready for work? This is the question that hits thousands of youngsters who contemplate working, but find that they do not have the requisite skills to take up a job.

Most of the subjects learned in schools or colleges are irrelevant to a practical job working experience, and only the practically trained person stands a fair chance of obtaining a decently paid job.

It is not just a knowledge of computers and a few other skills – because the reality of the working world is an altogether different experience.

In today’s fast-paced working environment, specialized skills are important, and only a well-trained person can stand out from the crowd. Employers are looking for people with work experience, which you may not have, or they will take freshers who have under-gone a practical training Course which will immediately help you to adapt in a working situation.

This is why, yearly, hundreds and hundreds of high-school or grads opt for our Courses, knowing that they will be up there, ready to take up a job challenge, BECAUSE THEY ARE PREPARED! The Office Management Course has been designed to be an all-round training and molding experience, which includes all the skills that are required in today’s modern office. It is not just the skills of knowing ‘how to use the equipment.’ but you need guided training on how to function as a professional office Staff. You will learn Office Etiquette, Poise, Deportment, Communication Skills, answering Phone inquires, dealing with Customers, Soft selling skills, coordination with other staff members, etc. and many other essential qualities that require specialized training.

Besides, of course, you will get thorough practical training in the use of modern technology that has become part of today’s fast and progressive working world.

Stenodac will be training you as an ALL-ROUNDER who can do multitasking in various departments of an Office. The Office Management Course is aimed at boosting your career opportunities – with that winning edge! You will stand out from the rest of the crowd. At interviews you will be identified as someone ‘different,’ and you will be picked out from the rest of the group.

Our 100% job-oriented training Course is a guarantee to a surefire path to land that job!

This Course is both for boys and girls who want to take up a variety of job positions in today’s modern Office. During your training, you will also gain a better understanding of the type of work you will do and develop more confidence in your own abilities. At your job, you will gain respect from your superiors and colleagues in the workplace – because you have learned how to conduct yourself as a professional worker.

Course Contents:

Our Course is designed t equip you with all the necessary OFFICE MANAGEMENT skills plus up-to-date Computer Training which makes you immediately effective in any office environment. Practical training in Computer Speed Typing, Basic Accounts, General Office Management, Office Skills, Telephone Skills, Reception Techniques, EPABX Operation, Fax Operation, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Office Etiquette, Personal Grooming, Success at Interviews, practical Multimedia = Internet, Email, Video Conferencing, Online Business Communication, Internet Browsing, DVD/CD Writing, Flash Drives, and more…

The highly recommended additional low-fee module on Computer training includes Understanding Computers, Windows, MS-Office training, and Complete office-related Computer Management.

Syllabus changes from time to time so that we are constantly in touch with the times. As you are aware from our three key Office related Courses : (1) PROFESSIONAL SECRETARY’S COURSE (2) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and (3) COMPUTER SPEED TYPING, the convergence of modern technology has been rapidly introduced.
Newer 21st Century techniques & technology that are being introduced worldwide are immediately incorporated into our Courses.

This is where the Office Management Course is a sure-fire path to a Successful working-career. Prepare yourself today!

A salient feature of our Courses is that candidates almost instantaneous get placement, on completion of the Course. The broad-based training qualifies Students for a wide range of jobs in the Business, Corporate, Economic & Commercial World.

You can either under-go this Course after completing your studies, or you may do it parallel (part-time), while you are presently studying!


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